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Pedophilia – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which adults have sexual attraction to minors. Pedophilia is usually detected after puberty, when its sexual orientation is focused on children, not adults. A pedophile cannot determine their sexual orientation and then feel afraid of themselves.

To diagnose someone with pedophilia, all of the following behavioral criteria need to be fulfilled in advance with that person:

  • Often happens or repeatedly.
  • Having excessive sexual fantasies.
  • Insistence or behavior involving sexual activity with minors (usually aged 14 years and under) for a period of at least 6 months.

Pedophilia is sometimes a taboo topic, but often becomes a conversation. Who are the pedophiles? How are pedophilia treated by the medical community?

Not all pedophiles persecute children. The persecution is determined by the behavior of the person, while the pedophile is determined based on the person’s lust. Some pedophiles sexually do approach children throughout their lives. But it is not clear how often pedophiles do it.

Is pedophilia categorized as a mental disorder?

The American Psychiatric Associaton (APA) has included pedophilia in the Mental Disorders Diagnosis and Manual (DSM) Manual since 1968. Within the DSM, which is updated periodically, pedophilia has been grouped with other paraphilias – where APA defines it as’ an impulse, fantasy, and repetitive sexual behavior, involving children, whether as subjects or fantasy fantasies’

However, in the next edition of the DSM, DSM 5 refers to a diagnosis of ‘pedophilia disorder’, in which pedophilia is used as a diagnosis of pedophilic disorders when this makes the person feel anxious, guilty, different, or difficult to achieve life goals, or if they are encouraged to sexual satisfaction makes them have sexual relations in real life.

Can pedophilia be treated?

Yes, pedophilia can be treated. Although many experts think that pedophilia cannot be treated, but therapeutic methods are believed to help pedophiles manage feelings and not engage in sexual drive in real life. Some patients who are unable to control their sexual urges do need drugs to reduce their sexual desire.

Is pedophilia only interested in children?

Some pedophiles can also be attracted to adults just as they are attracted to children, but it is not known how often this happens, because most pedophilia is found based on those who commit sexual violence against children. It is very rare that pedophilia cases that occur if an adult is from the beginning are already attracted to fellow adults.

Do pedophilia occur in women and men?

Almost all pedophiles are men, but it does not rule out the possibility for women to have pedophilia. Accurate data has not been collected because the majority of patients close themselves from the community. This disease research is carried out on pedophiles who commit sexual violence, therefore the results are still uncertain.

How do pedophiles face their feelings?

Some pedophiles embrace and try to justify their sexual orientation. Others recognize that approaching children in real life is morally wrong. A pedophile is easy to be frustrated, feels isolated, lonely, depressed , and anxious. Stress in people with pedophilia disorders can cause a variety of secondary psychological problems. However, there are some tough individuals who succeed in living productive and successful lives, even though their sexuality remains a source of frustration.

For information, there is no characteristic of a pedophile, this disease can infect those who are young and old. Usually pedofi does not choose foreign children as victims. They tend to choose children they already know, whether they are family, neighbors, or community members who are followed by pedophiles.